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“Hi. First of all, I would like to say that it is great to have Pipidollys. I recommend even more in the puppy phase to avoid the tearing newspaper risks. It is really a great product!

This guy in the picture is Awen, a male Shetland Shepperd, who by the way is Oliver’s son. This is the picture right at the pee-pee moment. Regards.”



“I can’t help it but tell you thay I and Bellinha Maria, my 11 year old poodle, are very happy with PipiDollys. Belinha only goes on it and my mother says it is a miraculous product. Gabrieli Chanas”


“Prior to buying my puppy, I had already seen this marvelous invention. As I live in an apartment had to plan in advance, bought it and on right from the beginning he learned. I am very satisfied with the product, but so far he hasn’t raised his paw so I don’t have the hydrant (accessory) yet.

Whenever I can, I recomment this product on social media and there’s even a social group: “I pee on PipiDollys”

I love it very much. Thanks for the invention.

Regards and dog kisses. Taise and Bibb.”


“Hi!!! My name is Bely. On March, 23rd, I will be one year old. I am the cutest!! However, as a puppy, I gave my “mother” a hard time to find my bathroom. I messed up an area rug ( it was old J ) and kept hearing mother complaining about newspaper smell. She would say: “Babies have diapers, why can’t dogs have something to help cleaning ?!”

Mother: One day, taking Bely for a bath on a grooming shop I saw a PipiDollys, bought it and saw myself getting rid of the smelly newspapers. What an awful job! When we got home I was in awe with that equipment ( PipiDollys) and undermined Bely’s readiness to use it, thinking it would take a while for her to adapt. Hardly!!, she got on it the same day!

It is easy, hygienic and the paws and fur do not get wet because the grid allows for separation. It is just a matter of changing the pad and the going up-and-down is over … This invention is very interesting! A must have!!. Besides beautifying the environment, it has several color options!!

It is the World’s eighth wonder!! Get yours, now!! It is worth it, for sure!
Regards, Katia.”


“As you can see in the picture, Becky loves her new potty!”



“Life in the apartment was dull… I wanted very much to have a puppy again but just the thought of mess and smell changed my mind

But on my birthday – in March – I was given a beautiful mini Schnauzer (Rani “Basti” from Boa Borba) and, on top of it, a Pipidollys… which she always use. Today, she’s 9 months old so I am sending some pictures of her, using the Pipidollys!!

Very cool your idea. I live in an apartment, and because of Pipidollys I can have a pet and keep everything clean.

Thank you and congratulations. Vera and Juliano.”


“My name is BINHO, I am a 3 month old Lhasa. Since Christmas night I only pee on my PipiDollys.”


“Hi there! Well we are here to tell our experience with this revolutionary “survival equipment” for dog owners in apartments. A year ago we bought our dog – Buffer – a hairy, medium size samoieda. At the beginning it was a mess of newspaper, wet paw, NO commands (wrong place) and VERY WELL with treats and hugs when he got the newspaper. Even aget he learned the right place, the house was “stamped” with wet paw smelly tracks. It got so bad that we got to the point of giving him up for adoption, no matter how well we cleaned the house and the laundry room.

One day, reading a magazine, I saw the PipiDollys ad which caught my eye because of what it promised to deliver. I was not fully certain and thought Buffer would not adapt to it but ended buying because I saw it as our last chance – should it work – for us to keep our big doggy. I called the company and they answered all questions I had. I purchased through the internet and 5 days later there was our dog potty, beautiful in its gray color matching the environment.

As it came on a Friday, we got right on task. First we put a full newspaper page, on Saturday half page, and every indication Buffer was “going” – #1 or #2 – we would take him straight to the Pipidollys. To our surprise, on Monday, when we left to work, he was totally adapted doing his business on his potty. I firmly believe that not only Buffer but dogs of all breeds can easily adapt to the equipment as long as the owner put some effort on it. Of course, some will learn gast than others and some will resist at the beginning. But with patience, positive reinforcement, treats and reward they will want to go by themselves!! Our dog raises his leg on the streed, but on the PipiDollys he still does as he learned as a puppy.

We want to congratulate the company for the great invention, something the really meets the consumer needs and also for the great idea that is the removable grid because, in our case, it was very necessary because Buffer hated to stay alone and would grind the grids, asking for attention. We overcame the situation, replaced the grids and now the four of us live very happy in our apartment. Myself, Marcos my husband, Johao Marcelo my son and our dog Buffer!!!

Brunei Maiochi (Bruna). Videira – Santa e Bela Catarina”


“Cacau is a 3 month old Shih Tzu that learned to use PipiDollys the first day! As a healthy puppy, she loved to play with the newspapers and made a mess out of it. PipiDollys solved my problem! Besides being way more hygienic, does not spill to the floor, the newspaper stays in place. Thank you, PipiDollys! Jaqueline Lemes.”


“Good Afternoon. This is Carol. As soon as she entered our lives, we bought a Pipidollys and it is a great success. She only does her business on it. Whenever I see her on the toilet, I start clapping and shouting HayHayHay and always reward her with a small steak.
Regards. Marcela Crístian Diniz Corrêa”


“Cookie, is the world’s most beautiful Shitzu! She was born on 05/08/2010, and we brought her home with 45 days if age. In just 10 days she was only using the PipiDollys. The adaptation was very fast and easy. It is just wonderful having your doggy and house clean and without wet tracks. I can’t imagine Cookie without the real toilet! Congratulations PipiDollys”


“Hi, my name is Dudu and I am 3 years old. I am playful and very snuggy. Two months ago, Mom bought me a PipiDollys. You know, I am a very elegant doggy that hated to feel my paws wet after going to the bathroom. Now everything has change and my paws no longer get wet and Mom does not have to clean up the floor after me….
Dog kisses to all of you. I hope you like my pics. Janaina Sudario Pereira”


“Hi, I would like to congratulate the creator of this toilet for it really helps – and a lot – the hygiene of pet on an apartment. I had a Yorkie, prior to PipiDollys and it was horrible because he never learned the proper place. Now, after 8 years, I have another Yorkie and since its first day with me, only 45 days old, he uses the PipiDollys with great easy. Thanks to PipiDollys, my mother that hated dogs, now loves Fredy – my Yorkie. Beatriz Borba”


“Hi, my name is Gucci and I am 14 months old… I am a very happy doggy, loved and polite. Since I was a puppy I use the PipiDollys… I am a fast learner!! This product is wonderful…. Besides improving my hygiene it keeps the apartment where I live very clean and tidy.
Thank you, folks!!!!! Au-au, Gucci”


“Her adaptation was fast and easy. After feeding, I would put her on the toilet. Whenever I saw her going in circles I would put her on the toilet as well.

I complimented her whenever she used the PipiDollys, clapping to encourage. When she missed, I was strict (no punishment) but saying NO and puttint her on the toilet.

Once, when she missed, I put her on the PipiDollys and forgot about it. After a while I went to look for her and she was still on the toilet, as on a time out. I was so penalized!!!

Time passed and she adapted very fast. Today, she avoids going on the street. She waits until she gets home. When I travel, I have to take the toilet with us.

Thanks for existing, PIPIDOLLYS!! Damares e Iole”


“Hi, I acquired the product at the pet shop you indicated, here in the city of Esteio, where I live. I have a male Shih Tzu, two months old. He started using the PipiDollys the very first day. Lucky was used to go on the newspaperbut the toilet is way more practical and hygienic, so the doggy does not have dirty paws. I found this to be a marvelous idea – the PipiDollys. Congratulations. It makes dog owners happy and satisfied.

Best regards to these professionals. Cristiane Hoffchneider”


“I am writing to congratulate you for the product concept. My wife and I live on an apartment and we have a Shi Tzu puppy named Luna. She is great but was giving us a hard time while learning to pee at the right place. We tried hygienic pad, newspaper but nothing seemed to work… It was a mess and she only wanted to play with the newspaper

I found PipiDollys on the Internet and decided to try it. Best thing I’ve ever done. We restricted Luna’s space by leaving her bed, food and water and the Pipidollys alongside each other. It worked!! Every morning, it used to take us half an hour to clean everything prior to leave… Now the situation is different… Luna almost always hits the right spot and it only take us 5 minutes to replace the newspaper on the Pipidollys. Vicente and Isabel”


“Hi, I am Luiz and I have a Chow Chow named Mike. When I got the PipiDollys, Mike was able to use right away, on the first attempt, without any issues. Being only 40 days old he familiarized himself with the product easily. I found the product to be very practical, easy to handle, clean and carry around, when traveling. The case product case allows for that. In summary: I like it and it helps to keep the apartment clean and Mike is more obedient and cleaner.
Regards. Luiz Felippe”


“The pee on the right place saga:

I got a puppy as birthday gift. A shih tzu, Miley… No question, the best gift I ever got but it came with a little caveat: To clean my cutie mess. All right, if we have to teach, here we go::

1st attempt: Higienic pad taped to the floor.
Result: There goes the pad being dragged around the house.

2nd attemp: Newspaper in the veranda
Result: Pee in the living room

3rd attempt: Newspaper in the veranda + newspaper to absorb the pee on the living room
Result:Pee in the newspaper + pee in the living room.

4th attempt: Newspapeper in the veranda + newspaper in the living room to absorb + admoestation.
Result: There goes the newspaper plus pee in the kitchen

5th attempt: Pest spray on kitchen rug + newspaper in the veranda
Result: She’d be sneazzing, disapear for 30 minutes and new pee on the kitchen rug + pee smelling newspaper ins shreds around the house + pee in the living room

Keep in mind: Pee in the living room = Somebody distracting Miley while getting water on the pee and wet tracks, newspaper to absorb, rag, desinfectant, clean the area, vinegar to eliminate the smell, mop and dry the vinegar. It was taxing….

6th attemp: PIPIDOLLYS
Resul: Pee in the PipiDollys. The grid stops her from playing with the newspaper. And better: No more wet tracks around the house or wet fur. Today, pee ison the PipiDollys. Wherever Miley is, when she has to pee, she goes around the house, sniffing but only goes on her toilet… Certainly, one of the best pet inventions ever. And the most useful. Super easy to clean and very practical: In my case, in only takes one newspaper change a day… I am very happy. And more, now the kitchen door can remain open!!!

With regards to poop, Miley does not go on the Pipidollys but in the veranda. I havea little shovel to collect it and I mop it afterwards with a product that cleans and removes odor. I decided not to with the part of the program because, for me, it is better that she does not mess the PipiDollys with poop. But, of course, that my option. I am certain that, if I wanted it, the toiled would also perform this function well.

For those who suffer with the same problem I recommend, lots of love, cate, patience and above it al: Pipidollys.

Regards. PS: Lisieux, I loved talking to you. For those that don’t know, Lisieux is dogs “supernanny”… Very easygoing and helpful.
I started teaching Miley to use PipiDollys for #2. I sent an e-mail to the site, asking for hints and, to my surprise, the very next day, when I got up, there was a message say that they had called from Porto Alegre, to talk about the PipiDollys. I never expect such fast response, efficiency and simpathy. Thank you very much, indeed!

Pipi Dolly’s is very good, Raissa”


“Hi, this is Pipa and he is 3 years and 3 months old.
A very friendly and smart dog!
I bought the PipiDollys and he learned real fast. This product is wonderful and I was luck in finding it, because it improves the dog’s hygiene and brings peace of mind.
With patience and love, any animal can adapt to it .
Congratulations for a great idea!!
Regards, Aline Manhães”

aaaPug Jack

“After a long time with my beloved pug Jack confusing his own bed with a toilet, I decided to get rid of the syntetic turf I had bought- where he liked to lay down – and invested on a PipiDollys.It was har at the beginning but “coach” Lisieux’s help was fundamental. She is very attentive and gave me valuable hints. Result: For months Jack only goes on the PipiDollys, like a gentleman and, to this day I still choke up. Thank you very much J

Regards, Cláudia K.”


“We purchased the Pipidollys in Montenegro, at Montagro. It is a pink one.
We also got the wipe dispenser.
My Yorkie, Suki, is now 2 months old and already using the PipiDollys!!
She learned real fast. Of course, sometimes she misses it but it is part of the learning process.
The product is wonderful and overall beautiful.
Thanks for your time. Simone and Suki”

sofia-e-lorenSofia e Lóren

“I had had Sofia for a year and a half when I decided to get another dog.
As soon as we got her (Loren) I bought a PipiDollys just like my neighbor’s.
Puppy Lóren started using it right away, however Sofia would get even close. It looked as though the toilet was haunted.
I thought: “Better not to let Loren use the toilet while Sofia still does her business on the newspaper. Double work. I gave the PipiDollys to a friend that just got a puppy. He started using it right off the bat!!!!!
After a year and 4 months (January 09), stuborn as I am, I purchased another PipiDollys!!!!
My husband went balistic!!!
I couldn’t live like the cavemen in 200-… Newspaper, please!! Still, no results!! I put the toilet away, FRUSTRATED! On February, 1st, I got the toilet again and said to myself: Even if it takes a year! My husband said: “The PipiDollys saga!”
At the beginning, no succes. My husband disassembled the toilet and put newspaper on to of it. Loren learned!! And Sofia?? Sofia did NOT!!!
Look. People, I put newspaper everywhere. Under, over, on the side, on the ceiling… I did everything I could to no avail. Sofia wouldn’t bulge! I called Lisieux beucause I wanted to by the set ( I had one toilet but wanted to have 2 toilets, a female accessory and a wipe dispenser – even without Sofia learning and not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, either.
I asked where to find the set and told her about my difficult battle with Sofia.
People… Lisieux is the CUTEST!!!!
VERY helpful. Gave me lots of attention and talked to me!
-Lisieux you are GREAT! I bought the set. My husband had convulsions… (just kidding!!)
He went like: Sofia does not learn and you go and buy another one???
Keep in mind this all went down the first week of FEBRUARY!!!
After lots of attempts … TOO MANY, REALLY…. almost 4 months..
Sofia LEARNED… Yaaaaaaay !!
I told Lisieux I’d write a testimonial but only after my 2 princesses learned. Lisieux, they did!!!
This PipiDollys is everything on a person’s life. Not to mention the chic design.!!
People that come to the house are in awe when they see the “girls” toilet. Very elegant!!!
People… DO NOT GIVE UP!!!
Have a drop or two of PATIENCE!
Now I want a set of each color. Then, my husband will have a heart attack. LOL!!”


“PipiDollys is certainly the eighth wonder of dog’s world!!!

An excellent product line that I use since 2003. Nowadays, I have a couple of hairy shih-tzus. Agnetha and Martin, both, only go on the PipiDollys. Never miss it. The product is practical, hygienic and durable. The dogs never step on the “liquid” and the house does not smell. A very useful product. And now, what was already great, became even better. With the pad, maintenance and cleaning are even easier!

I have recommended the product the line to every I know. And, of course, nobody regrets getting it

Agnetha and Martin use and recommend the PipiDollys line. Congratulations to the company. Pipidollys is well worth the investment. Taise.”

thor-kingThor King

“I have a 4 month old Pug, name Thor King. He was used to go on the newspaper but I always had problems with the wet tracks around the house. We live in an apartment with laminated floor. That was always a matter of concern to my wife and me. We did not wantto damage our floor..

Well, we heard abouth the PipiDollys and went to a renowned pet store in Sao Paulo. The salesperson, however, tricked us into buying a similar product, from a competitor, by citing the hygienic pad advantage.”


“I was really impressed with the product, PipiDollys. It sure is a “hand on the wheel” so to speak, and it is helping the apartment cleaning task a great deal. I also would like to thank the customer service agility. I am very happy with the results. My doggy is a lhasa apso and has been using PipiDollys since day one, without any problem. With regards. Marcelo Chang (Rio de Janeiro).”