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Pipi Dolly’s Set Female – Pink


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1 Pipi Dolly’s
1 Acessory (Female)

The PipiDolly’s toilet was developed for dogs that are used to “go” indoors, on the newspaper,  pads or a puppy undergoing potty training. It aims at making their paws completely dry, so that the floor and the carpet do not get an unpleasant urine smell. PipiDolly’s is bringing the first toilet with Antibacterial Protection Microban. It is practical and easy to clean, being possible to be washed even only once a week. The product is composed of two plastic trays, two grids and accessory. PipiDolly’s is indicated for small to medium sized dogs. For dogs that already use hygienic pads, the adaptation to the product is even easier. Have the right place for your dog’s business. With PipiDolly’s, you will avoid bathroom trips under inclement weather.


First of the kind;
The only one with Microban Antibacterial Protection efficient against the proliferation of harmful bacteria and the ones that cause bad smell;
We can provide a dog trainer that may help with hints so that your dog uses Pipi Dolly’s properly;
US Patent 7,243,612 B2 
Patented product.


Peso 8.5 lbs
Dimensões 28.0 × 17.0 × 5.0 in


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