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Why Pipidollys ? 

Pipidollys is a proven solution for pets that stay indoors for long periods of time.

Pipidollys or the full set ?

Both work well for your pet’s needs. The set is a combination of 2 Pipidollys and an accessory (Male / Female) that provides a homier feel for your pet

How often to change the pad ?

It depends on how much the Pipidollys is being used. For heavy use, we recommend a daily change. For low to moderate use, the pad can be changed every other day.

Shipping policy

Shipping will be calculated upon checkout and is dependent on geographical factors. The buyer will be notified, prior to completing the purchase, on how much shipping is going to cost.

Return policy

We stand by our product. In the unlikely event you have to return the product, our costumer service department will give you the necessary guidance to send us the product back.

Pad – subscription vs purchase

We offer the pad subscription service as a convenience for those customers that do not have time to go to the store for replacement pads. We guarantee the quality and right dimensions on the product you subscribe.

Pipidollys training advice

See our web site for training advice. We have instructions, videos and graphics that will get you and your pet acquainted with our product