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“I can’t help it but tell you thay I and Bellinha Maria, my 11 year old poodle, are very happy with PipiDollys. Belinha only goes on it and my mother says it is a miraculous product.”

Gabrieli Chanas

“Cacau is a 3 month old Shih Tzu that learned to use PipiDollys the first day! As a healthy puppy, she loved to play with the newspapers and made a mess out of it. PipiDollys solved my problem! Besides being way more hygienic, does not spill to the floor, the newspaper stays in place. Thank you, PipiDollys!”

Jaqueline Lemes

“Hi, I would like to congratulate the creator of this toilet for it really helps – and a lot – the hygiene of pet on an apartment. I had a Yorkie, prior to PipiDollys and it was horrible because he never learned the proper place. Now, after 8 years, I have another Yorkie and since its first day with me, only 45 days old, he uses the PipiDollys with great easy. Thanks to PipiDollys, my mother that hated dogs, now loves Fredy – my Yorkie.”

Beatriz Borba